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Jul 20, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >> reporter: the iss orbits the earth at an altitude of about 400 kilometers. it carries a japanese experiment module. it is scheduled to dock there in about a week. they can fit in the palm of your hand. astronauts with use of robot arm and the module for the experiment. unlike many experiments on the iss, they will not need to venture outside the space station. the satellite will be placed inside special containers. the orbit arm will carry the satellites outside the station and release them. >> translator: satellites are usually launched with rockets, but the massive vibrations caused by rocket launches requires sat rights to be very strong structurally. if japan can release satellites from the experiment module, small satellites won't need to be so durable. premade parts can be used to reduce production costs. >> reporter: officials hope a successful experiment will add another option for launching satellites. the crew of the iss will share a shipment of supplies. that's why russia and europe are also developing transfer vehicles. if these vehicles can carry small satellites to the iss and
Jul 20, 2012 6:00am PDT
azuma at the space center in southern japan has the details. >> reporter: the iss orbits the earth as an altitude benefit 400 kilometers. it carries an experiment. it is scheduled to dock there in about a week. they can fit in the palm of your hand. astronauts with use of robot arm and module for the experiment. unlike many experiments on the iss, they will not need to venture outside the space station. the satellite will be placed inside a special containers. the orbit arm will release the satellites. >> satellites are usually launched with rockets, but the massive vibrations caused by rocket launches requires sat rights to be very strong structurally. if japan can release satellites from the experiment module, the small satellites won't need to be so durable. premade parts can be used to prepr reduce production costs. >> reporter: officials hope a successful experiment will add another option for launching satellites. the crew of the iss will share a shipment of supplies. that's why russia and europe are also developing transfer vehicles. if they can carry small satellites to the
Jul 3, 2012 5:30am EDT
are working aaound the clockk monitoring the recovery efforts. effortt.megan gilliland iss streamiig now from mema with the latest from tte strrtegy ro. room.good morning guys,ad lib... many people turn to gasoline- powered generators to keep appliances going when the power goes out. bbt there aree serious dangers with that. that. the city fire department says you should make sure &gen feet away from your home to avoid dangerous fumes from filtering innide. insiie.and if you think you've been exposed to high levels of carbon monooide fumes call 9-1-1 mmediately and ooen all doors and wiidows of your home then get outside. food safety is another issue that comes into play during extended power outages.the food and drug aaministratiin says theetemperatuue in thh assure the food is safe.o -t - food such as meet, poultry, &pbeee stored in aa refrigrigerator or ffeezer at a temperrture áaboveá 40 degrees foo mmre than two hours. stay with fox45 morning news forrcontinued coverage on food safety.we'll have the commissioner of health live ii studio to tell you what exactly can happee, if yo
Jul 8, 2012 1:00pm EDT
need is a simple, honest uay rsi onbo iss. tn, t ul stimulate the economy. if the money is given to the public so they wold have the where withll a rifylthecod asutfosiel ss ovhe xtvedades. , but we don't want the government deciding what the new chgy shoul e. thil pkmengi laannsid e. wel,t. n' work. solar panels may be pt of the solution. let the market placemak cis. ou sr iss ga vae. thwie nyh ng that compete with that. lethe marketplace make the decisions. >> what do you teach here at columbia? >> i'm not teaching a th me m s di rrcorg thtntndo >>vebn ki h es onho this book "storms of my grandchildren" who is director of the nasa goddard substitute for space studies. wh as n rk,by y t'egpltod se. e lu ivty -ere ble to get really good people and it's a small laboratory but verypoettive. we pbh o teverah fpaspesntp . hiibkt s >>> every weekend booktv offers 48 hours of programming focused on non-ctio authorses and bok wtc an to bo h teev eg dnisi o lae bringing you authors and brothers who are also written books, visit and search college ries. in the upper le
Jul 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
.meantime, governnr o'malley says progress iss slowly being made since thh storms hit.he's been keeping watch from the operation center at the maryland emergency management agency. agency.megan gillilann is streaming now from mema wwth the latest on the recovery effo. efforts.good morning guys,ad lib... 333 the heat wave is being blamed &pfor at least 3 deaths in maryland.aacording to "mema's" website... the victims include &pall men... one from montgomery county... and one from mico - baltimmre ooficials remiid residents that humid conditioos an lead to heatstroke nd heat exhaustion. anne arundel county... in .... baltimooe city... baltimore coonty... howard county... for linkssto a complete list in website .. fox baltimore dot com slash morning. it's the urinal.. that talks ba. back.hey there big guy. having a few drinks? then listen up." are trying to stop... and the surprising source of funding for the project. project.andd.. see your favorite idol contestants liie in concert.. on us.yourrchance to win tickets to the "american idoos live tour" .. sometime in the next 60 minutes.
Jul 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
history is. thou the class inry are nh world. japan are dealing with rachel ferguson iss with the more in h weather that's absolutkyushu as well as shikoku have rain. there's also the r landslides. d oughvery hvy and we've had reports, in factimeters of rain falling in just the space of one. inue and the heavy rain w coming into o by the late afternoon we follow that rain band right through eastern chinvince you'll notice veryr the front. 100 to 250 millimeters of the theast of very system bringing here and down to the south. r the philippines and ininues. as it will do so tday we have a low crossing thnhance the rainfall e archipelago. again, a landslides and to be gene in places like s well. and even in beij so really seeing some heat the north, reaching mongolia. ulan bator seeing 27 for the . a clear day turning we all right, into north amer we are still dealing with the u. just along thi storms are evere.r area will be breaking out from virginia down thr the carolinas during your ead.make a dent in and it's really the temper outbreaks of thunderstor heat, is maki
Jul 17, 2012 5:00pm EDT
progress iss being made towwrd reachinn a consensus on holding a special session.... no conccetee governor says a plan to cceaae a gaming commission o set the sttte's tax rates on gambling proceeds could be the looer the state's 67 percent tax rate.... as been a main --governor sot---governor-"if house and senate leaders.. ong - phat that is what is required and thats what we will haae by the end oo this week" with a deaaline looming there s heavy pressure to get the special session schedulee before august 20th.. lawwakerssneed to meet that proposal on the ballot in povember... kc fox 455newss more than... 55 percent ...of... maryland... small businesses... are....ánotá... googll ... are... - they... hossed.. .a... seminar today... foo business- owners... wanting... the... seminaa... - for creating.. .aa.. seeure webbite..../ &palso eceived... a... free other tools ...toohelp them ... maintain... their sitee.../. bbsiness- &powners... believe... a... good oo-line... presence... praching customers ... and clii
Jul 27, 2012 5:00pm EDT
it issed to show off his bell ringing skills but the bell broke off. time now for final call. >> actually this week is all about getting paid with less risk. >> sit a pretty disgusting process. it's up 64% year to date. and you can't short it. not with your worst enemy's money. i think a really good way to do that is to use long put spreads into the earnings. >> we should note that here at options action we will be on high yeah 'tis for the next two weeks so cnbc can broadcast the olympic games. go to our website. for the very latest in options trading. see you three fridays from now. money in motion is up right after this.
Jul 12, 2012 5:30am EDT
iss classmates.alec cosgarea was killed in a car ccident monday night.he had jjst left a dinner with his swim team... car on greenspring avenue near his wings mills home.ccsgaaea was an incommng senior at the mcddnough school... where his teachees called him a 'quiet leader.' erik posegay, swim coach: "you can't replace an alec cosgarea...bbcause of all the positive ualitiess hat he brought. he was more than just the times. weere gonna miss his enthuuiasm day innand day o" out."cosgarea's funeral will be ccsgarra's cosgaree's saturday orning at 10 is o'clock... at the cathedral of mary oor queen on north charles street. after what a lot of people wwnt aater what a lot of peopll ent through the last two weeks....there is somm relief for b---e customers oo their next biil. dark will receive a credit. not like what you see. see.megan gilliland is live from b-g-e headquarters downtown with more on the rate phke that coulddaffect áeveryoneá soon. good morning uys,the last thing b-g-e customers want to hear... is that they could eed up paying more. are planning to ask maryland'
Jul 16, 2012 5:00am EDT
" a spokeswoman for seeinole fire rescue told fox 13 the city iss trying to be sensitiveeabout the proper display of the camera fire fighters old us someone complained to the city about a large american flag being floww from the back of a ladder truck. when it they were told tooggt rid of - smaller flags flying from "my goal today is they say &p'...yes the flags are oiig back on the trucks, yes we have a solution.'" the demonstrators are memberssof several llcal miliiary support groups. thee say they took to the streetssafter their complaints were ignoree. the city of seminole apparently oess't object to every american flag. check this out old glory flying above city hall even on a sunday. these demonstrators saa they'ree trying to protect a tradition that sttrted after hundreds of fire fighters were killed trying to save people from the worll ttade center on 9-11. fender ssys: "to be able to fly the flag and support our country it should be a right " straight ahead... gas prices.. are 20 cents lower ttan thii time last year. but why these kind of prices.. won't l
Jul 5, 2012 10:00am EDT
. at that point, we were going to be at a situation with the iss where it was called core complete. it wasn't the complete assembly of the international space station, but it was a point where you could have three crew members on board and support them, have enough power and have some laboratories that they could work in. we, of course, were going for six or seven crew members total, but this was sort of a phase that was ending before you sort of built up to the six-person crew. so let me just give you a little bit of background on why they were so interested in this particular flight that was going to happen about 14 months away. about a year or two earlier, it turned out the space station was determined to be about $4 billion over its projected budget. and the administration declared that they were going to limit it to this core complete configuration. again, a reduced design that would have only accommodated three crew members. the deputy director of the office of management and budget in the white house, omb, presented a plan at a congressional hearing that would help bring these costs
Jul 17, 2012 6:30pm PDT
, and an american crew member bring the total number manifestation 26. the current crew have been on board the iss since may. >> turned to sports now, today is a rest day in the tour de france, but we have is about one writer who has failed a doping test. >> he tested positive for a banned substance in a sample taken on saturday. radio shack said he will no longer be writing for them. that is all we have time for now, but you can always get more news and background information on our website, >> stay tuned for dw coming live to you from the heart of europe. captioned by the national captioning institute
Jul 16, 2012 2:00pm PDT
better, give it a try and making a better all-around downtown were the city transit isssú7 brt i know transit is waiting for you about ♪ [applause] >> that is always a hard act to follow. i was part of an effort in 1998 to put prop. 8 on the ballot. -- prop h on the ballots. we have a problem with the plan as it is. as was mentioned to you, part of this is going to be governed by the planning code. in another section, a very important section, is part of this redevelopment plan area, which has other controls. they allow a lot more parking in this very congested area. they allow 300% more residential parking in residential projects and 100% more. )jt that it be brought in line. we need to do everything we can to make sure we do not clogged these streets. no one disagrees. the problem is that it never gets done. to has the authority to do it? when we were here in january, we had some concerns. we were assured that the board of supervisors has full legislative authority. however this gets done, whether you need to take that authority back, whether the oversight board needs to do this,
Jul 1, 2012 10:00pm EDT
hurricane outage in the - statt's history. it could be days efore all the pwer iss back on in virgiiia, too. we have been getting hundreds of pictures from our fox45 viewers ... when nees haapens.....see it, ssooo t, and send it... to foo &pbaltimore dot com.these are just a few of hem.check this one out.. sent toous from niyaa from west baltimoreethe tree is laying over the truck. and check out the amount oo earth attached to ii. this one sent to us from keith. it's taken from the driver's side of the car.look close at that large tree... therees a truckkparked underneath it. sppctacular.this coming to us from suzie.the lightning spread out across the looos like she took it from her frrnt door.there was some increddble lightning produued by friday's storm. this one is of hillen road in northeast baltimore... sent in by can see thh road "dead ends" into the trees that have closed off any visibility oo the other sidd. just ammzing... send it.become part of te and fox45 news team and help us keep you ahead of the storr. reeublicans and democrats faceofff n the th
Jul 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
.thousanns are waking up today without power... and &punsure how much longer they'l have to wait.tom rodgers iss here with the latest storm is having on good mooning, tom. fridaa's massive storms still have more than a quarter of a million b-g-e customers without power. latest numbers.according to b-g-e's website... total... anne arundel countt... baltimore city... baltimore county... carroll county... &phoward coonty... harford county... streaming now in northeast baltimore with the latest on the cleanup and how much longer so many will be in the dark. ood morning oel d. traffic lights.... you name it, so many are still feeling the results of those nasty will take theerest of tteeweek to restore power to all. in so many areas, here's the story now... downnd trees still littering roads and and &pbaccyards. power lines didn' &pstand aachance. b-g-e crrw have restored power to more thaa one hundred thousand customers.... but still nearll 250 thousand remain without power his morning. it's turned from a race to pestore power, to more of ann endurance test noww... and customers
Jul 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
one i think iss by far a lot better and it's &pvery enjoyable."and n itt firss four weeks of operatioo...the asino at than 28-million ddllars.nearly half of that....goessto the ptate's education trust fund. ((nats))the cordish company, live... says its drrwing plenty of players...ffom weel beyond the bltimore area. (weinberr) "so we're attracting isitors from the maryland cunties."that's - why they're not disappointed... that state lawmakers failed to reach a to the national (weinberg) "no state in the &pcountry has ever expanded gaming sites before getting their nitital sites up, punningg operating and stabilized."(rydell) aad the operators offmaryland live expect reeenue will increase in the next couple of months as they add 1600 new slot machines. at arunnel mills, john rydell, fox 5 news at five." &ppolice say they're ready for fill the inner harbor for the f. fourth.last year's cclebration was marred by violence, with a man fatally stabbed, nd a child shot.police say they this year...where they will around to areas where they know the crowds will e
Jul 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
debris themselves... but some limbs are just too big... and all they can do iss ait for the city tt respond. "i aw one truck come through here, and that wasthe day aater, which was saturday andd havent seen nobody since." //buut to//"where the help aa,, five days. days. 3&the same street is still wittout power... and neighbors say they'reeworried about some &pddnt have air conditiooing. meanwhile governor martin o''alley continues to urgee people to be patient s b-g-e works to restore power. at the maryland emergency king management agency in reisterstownn.. reminded those pithout power aad with damage to their homess.. that the impact of this storm was much bigger than expected and that crews are working around the clock to get the area cleaned up.despite thh thousands of power restored... the ggvernor is still not satisfiid. 00016:24-16:43"i'm not satisfied and won't be until every home is restoreddbuttii have seen steady progrees and that progress is happening in the estimatessthat were ggven to us immediatly following this hurricaneelike hit by the utility companies." companie
Jul 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
'd figure out day to thank some of the iss - nation's wounded warriors. the ggft - a day onn the water. it's two years to the month since 2 year old kevin gatsoo lost art of is leff leg, damagee hhs right and lost a thumb when an ied explosion &pended his army tour inn definitely a life changing experience to be an amputee buttthe wwy i look at i - life goes on pis first time n a boat was during last ear's patriot cruise. this year e brought first boat trip. gatssn says: - from the water it's a different perspective and it's very alming// there's nothing that i feel that i injured davvs says: the patriot cruise started in 2007 witt one iraq war veteran and on one boat. it has really of groww since then and this year more than 60 wounded warriors signed up for a day on the watee. last year the jones family hosted a marine sgg who waasa quadruple ammutee. thhs yeaa jeffery redmmn joins them one day beffre he learns if his left to bb amputated. redman says: - "it gives my brain a chance tt get away from thinking about soon." army reserve specialist m
Jul 4, 2012 5:30pm EDT
.mmranda stephens iss streaming live in pasadena wwth that story. 3 3 3 pireworks ill bb the only thing lightinn up ome neighbbrhoods tonight still without power.thousands of b-g and áe customers are still inn theedaak. didn't stoppmany -&peo houseeand coooinn the &pend of thh roland park parade baltimore city firefighters pprentsswho haven't had ppwer in five days.thh annnal tradition took on sppcial meaning this year. 3 "it's likeecamping in your pwn house. (laughter) i'm soonn" "not ideal, but theree you go. there are a loo worst liie..firefiihters shut off the valvee att11:30.some people in the oland park area are being tood it could be another three of four dayss before theirrpower wwlllbe restored. thousands of peoplespent this parrdes.johnnrydell was in towson...where thousandsturned 3uu...despite the heat... (rydell) "even ttough this parade starred at 10:30 this morning, by the time it ended it was well over 90 degrees, and that's whyya lot offfooks &pthouggt the best pllce to be was n the shade."((bands)) &psure it's hhttoutside...but after all...this ii...the fourth o
Jul 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
eaches.this type of get-a-wayy iss't generally possible for our nation's wounded warrrors though... who are spending onn non-profit group... the - patriottcruiie ann saluue - is vvrggnia... and takks this story out oo the water. 3 if you didnt know this was the staat of the patriot cruise - ou'd figuree ut pretty quickly that this is a &pddy to ttank some of the theegift - a day on the water. it's two years to the month since 32 year old kevin gatson lost part of his left legg pnded his army tour in ost a - afghanistan. gatson says:: definitely life changing experience to bb an amputee but the way i look at it - life goes on pis first time on a boat was cruise. this year he bbought his mom and brother for their firrt boot trip. gatson says: ddfffrrnt perspective and it's nothing that i feee that i just can't do because 'm injured avis says: the patriot cruise started in 2207 with one iraq war veterrn andd his wife who took a handful of woonded warriors out for a day on one has eally grown sinne then and his ear more than 60 wounded warriors signed up for a ddy on tte
Jul 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
convenience store.the thing iss.. they probably could have gotten away with it, if they weren'tt so umm. dumb.police found the suspects fighting in the parking lot of a royal farms on oak manor the men had been trying to rob the store when a clerk fought back and locked them outside. outside.when officers arrived, police broke p the fight... and arreeted them. ittmaa defy common ssnse.... put soonnyou may be able to get your sunscreen.... in aa pill or implant. implant. british researchers found the idea --- under water.they found coral has its own natural barrier to u-v áimplantá called áscenesseá is in f-d-a trials. it uses hormones to increase melannn in your skin... which blocks u-v rays. the scennsse implant is at least two ears away from getting on the market.the pills arr still in development... and are at being available to the public. 3 a woman has been having a run of bad luck. ss she's selling her soul to the highest bidder. common sense says, this isn't going to help. mexico is a freelance writer who says she has had a past five years. she believes it is beca
Jul 6, 2012 5:00pm EDT
don't think it's apppopriate for a small child child a bikini clad baby? .... why this outfit iss spaaking controversy among parents. 3 --adblib weather tt-- a babyyoutfit is sparring outrage among parents. pprents.this onsie... meant for an 18-month-old baby sold at stores n pississippi... and gives the impression the child is wearing a bikini... the outfit is causing controversy among parents... who saa iis too sexy for an infant. "i don't think it's appropriate for a small child i just think that is a little riiiculous thht you would put thatton yourrchild." (reporter: "would you ever let her wear something like that?") "no sir i would not." (reporter: "why not?") "i just thiik itssnot appropriite because it givessyoung people quickly."while many parents found it offensive... some say the ssore that sells the ny. - outfit had no comment. 3 dangerous heat for the weekend... here's meterologist emily gracey. 3 a new level of airport security ... thaa some say goes too far... what passengers are being asked to do ááafteráá they reach the gaae. cocococococococococococoustic
Jul 11, 2012 9:00am EDT
to tell us how h bastille day.- what iss bastille day ?-how willl a petite shoes be celebrating?- what things do you have here? chocolate, drinks etc. &p3 for more information onn bastille day log on to fox baltimore ot com slass morning he's a clam in a jam. jam.and now a youtube sensation.why this clam is preeping people out... online. online. you're watching fox 45 good ddy baltimore. 3 baltimore. good dayywatching fox 45 you're watching ox 455good day baltimore. ((bbeak 77) [ dog growls, barks ] bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. [ barking ] george! stop it! stop. oh. it was a nice thought. [ male announcer ] some business decisions are better than others. the best decision is switching to verizon. you're good to go. that was fast! thank you. [ male announcer ] speed, reliability, and now with our worry free guarantee, it's the best time to switch. get your choice of terms. no activation fees. a 30-day money back guarantee. flexible scheduling. professional on-site installation. and 24/7 tech support. and now, get a 2nd line. it's all included for just $84.
Jul 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
at what's pow.ening now. 3 "make that booty pop..." pop..." common sense says, this iss't for six year olds. why this boys parents are under pnvestigation tonight. theehouse takee a swing at obamacare. how democrats are killing any efforts to overturn health care reform. and the titte of father of the year is safe from this mmn. whyyhe's in jail tonight afttr a run to the local pub. 3 your grilling is still gonna be pretty amateur. but your deck? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. cabot...that's pro. ggúóúó house republicans taking anothee shot today at the pressdent's health care law, but don't exxect it go anywherr. minority leaddr nancy pelosi calls it legislation to nowhere. phe issuu say they are neddon sticking o their principles. principles. as expected, house reeublicans and a few of their emocratic polleagues voted to repeal president obama's health care law. ahead of the vote, invitation to democrats. boehner says, "for hooe who still support repealing this harmful healthcare law, we're giving our colleagues in the the w
Jul 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
on the top of the hot r&b/hip- chart. of course that's just one of her many she iss bringing her music to our area and caadace has the details about her concert and how you can get into the show for free. free. she is a recipient of nine grammy awards and four american music awards she has recorded eight multi- platinum albums. aa of 2011, blige albums and 15 milliin singles rrnked blige s the most ine successful female r&b artist of the past 25 yearspeople love her musicc. ere's ne of my favorites... just fine just ffne fine reelased s the lead single fromm her eighth albbm, growing pains it was nominated for many rammys ncluding the 'best female r&b vocaa performance' mary j blige willlbe attthe verizon center for the "liberation tour" august 26th. tickets go on sale through llve nation this saturday t 10am 3youuccn get into saturday at 10amnation thii through llve tickets go on sale go on sale throuuh live nation this saturday at 10am &pyou can get into the show for free!live nntion sent us ickets to give away to you.the 4th and 5th callers r
Jul 13, 2012 9:00am EDT
in front live at al packer's white marsh ford.... 33 3- 3- front of ssevee tyler ttis year. iss nnouncing tyler is leaving the show. tylee has been a judge for the past wo seasons but says it'' time to &preturn to his first ove... being the frontman for aeeosmit. aerosmith.with ttat announccmenn... speculation begins over who wwll replace him. melas says: ""omeepeople that they've talked about are possibly adam lambert, kktie perry, nickk minaj, all those adam lambert has been asked a million times on red carpetss at many events - would you ever want to be a udge on yes!!"jennifer lopez hintee on the today shhw thursday thht she's hinking about bailing on the show, too. lawn pride gone awry. one man manages to kill his entire lawn... in one disastrous ddy... coming up. up. you're ((break 2)) what a mess!a minnesota homeowner manages to kill hiss he ays he was looking for weed killer... but accidentally bbughh five killer instead. he hhs a 2 and a half acre lot of deaa grass... 3 3 3 3 3 3 p, for more nffrmation about the ppca go to our webs
Jul 13, 2012 5:30pm EDT
." skeptics say... the .../ or .. iss.. d on - simply thh result... of a tree brrnch falling off. p3 that's all for fox45 news at 5:30."family feud" is ext.and we'll be back tonighttfor fox45 ews at ten -- and the late edition at 11...
Jul 16, 2012 5:30pm EDT
from the apparatus " a spokeswoman for seminole fire rescce told fox 13 thh city iss trying to be sensiiive about the proper display of the american flag. off - camera fire fighters told uss pomeone complainnd to the city about a large american flag being flown from the baak of a &pladddr trucc. when it was removed fire fighters sayy - they were toll tt get rid of smaaler flags flying from truck windows. dabnnyysays: "my goal today is they ssy ' the flagg are goong back on the trucks, yes we have a solution.'" the demonstrators are members of several locaa military supporr groups. theyysay they took to the streets after their complaints were ignored. the city of seminole apparently doesn't object to eveey american flag. check this out oll glory flying above city hall eeen on a sunday. these demonsstators say they''e trying to protect tradition that started after hundreds of fiie ffghtees wereekilled trying to ssve people from the world rade center on 9-11. fenderrsayss "to be able to fly thh fla
Jul 18, 2012 9:00am EDT
cam controversy contin. continues.coming up... the reason the fiist lady says she didn't iss the presidentt.. and video of ne steamy redemption kiss. ... you may think you're protecting your pet from fleas and ticks.but up next... whyythe prevention medicine you use... may not actuully wwrk. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3)) 3 cocococococococococo[ barks ] g] [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ i just want to be okay today - ♪ i just want to know today - [ whistles ] ♪ know today, know today - [ cat meows ] - ♪ know that maybe i will be okay ♪ [ chimes ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about... and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need... and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage... or visit fllas and ticks are a seriuos problem this time of ear for our pets... and wwat you're doing to prevent them... may working.dr. elianna amstalden from the belvedere veterinary why is it importan
Jul 18, 2012 5:30pm EDT
rescue... and the video you'll have to see to believee and one woman's boyfriend iss taking the art of marriage proposal up a notch... coming up. 3 --adblii weather tz-- a... new york city garage attendant... drives... a... &pluxury s-u-v... intooan elevator shaft...///. when... the elevator... wasn't there! there!emergency officials... say... this lexus... plunged nearly.. 40 feet.../ down ... an... .../ and... the...attendant... was behhnd the wheel.../ it... happened... just before... 10 o'clock... at... the parkinn garage... on....76th street ... and... first avenue..../ another ... worker -- on the ground floor... was also hurt.../ the ... airbags deployed... 1:18-126"once we securee the car.. made access. jaws of life... packaged the patient up" up."100-106"one of the attendants.. shooken up. he didn't seem too badly injurrd t" though."bbth workers ...were transported... to nearby hospitals -/ their injuries are considered ...non-life threatening..../ a
Jul 15, 2012 9:00am EDT
, iss caribbean portfolio, the cayman islands, bermuda, and the rest of it become issues that the obama administration -- the campaign, and the administration as well, want to raise. >> colby? >> it is clr that the president does not want to run on the economy.y. i think we are getting it to the silly season when we start accusing each other of outsourcing. the fact of t matter is that outsourcing has been going on for so time and it is not because of somebody hitting the unit states, but because of controlling costs, and there is domestic outsourcing and offshoring of jobs. that is because of economic reasons. yes not because t they hate jobs in america. this silly. i don't think that people set out to outsource. costs and drive this kind question. >> margaret? >> if your claim to the presidency is that you are a job creator and can do a better job than obama, and one of the ways to make money at bain capital is by taking over companies and then outsourcing jobs, that is very different from the preresident who has not been able to stop outsourcing, offshoring because of the republican
Jul 22, 2012 7:00am EDT
. >>> is iss america's number one financial news program, "the wall street journal report." now, maria bartiromo. >>> here is a lookt what is making news as we head into a new week on wall street, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke was anything but jolly when he testified before congress, offering a down beat view of the economy. he says it was time for congress to enact fiscal policy. he didn't rule out anymore moves by the fed, but didn't promise any either. the fed's earnings in general, better than expected. by thuday, stocks had a three-day winning streak, but then fell by friday. >>> and ge,he world's largest company, beating expectations by some 3.1 million in the quarter. it passed analyst's predictions as bank of america and morgan stanley fell short. >>> and raising expectations, ebay, google, microsoft beat expectations, although microsoft did post its first ever loss. revenue a bit light as well. >>> and mixed housing results, driven by a jump in single family homes, rising by nearly 7%, existing homes falling more than 5%, although prices were higher. analysts say that
Jul 29, 2012 9:00am EDT
is that itit is impossible for no mistakes to occur. >> president obama iss backpedaling fast on business. >> tho a are flat outrong. >> after the colorado massacre the gun-control debate again. >> we see the power of the nra around here. >> the widespread view is that somebody that on balance it will find some way to do harm. >> the tax-cut debate, again. >> the o only thing i the way of middle income tax cuts are house republicans. >> the house will vote to stop the small business tax hike. >> penn state takes a huge hit for the sexual abuse cover-up. >> i feel bad forhe university feel bad for the family of a jor turno -- of joe paterno. captioned by the national captioning institute >> it was a natural. mitt romney, credited with saving the solid city olympics, goes to london for the 2012 games. he goes on a charm offensive only to have 1 "daily telegraphph" columnist say that what he has to say is devoid of charm and mildly offensive. not all bad for romney, though, because his opponent has a campaign ad in which he eats his own words from when he said "you didn't
Jul 30, 2012 5:00am EDT
and there he is .issing the bricks well done. 5:26. >> the news continues. >> a special tribute at's >> a special tribute at's one wow, look at this bed! this nightstand! thisdrardrobe! what are you doing here? you're in ikea. my dream bedroom is in ikea? yes. what's that bedroom over there? that's your husband's dream bedroom. whatever your style, take home your dream droom together. ikea. the life improvement store. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> the accused gunman in the call rather shootings heads back morning.this good morning, washington. it is monday, june 30. >> it is to a comfortable start this new work week. in the 60's and the bad. 71 is not the in alexandria. bowie, 69. in the 60's the route virginia. -- in the 60's throughout virginia. frostburg, 58 degrees. that's how you start your day in the end of july. today will be near 90 degrees. warm
Jul 17, 2012 4:30am EDT
in the iss. >> we have a lot to talk about as far as the weather goes. because it's going to be hot but the traffic has so many delays. >> reporter: yesterday's water main breaks are causing major problems in downtown baltimore. so if you heading down to the inner harbor light street will be closed at fayette. lombard shut down at calvert street and downtown baltimore looked more like a river yesterday. and it's still pretty bad this morning. so stick with franklin street and mlk as an alternate and motorists enconcerned to use mass transit. we will be following all of the delays all morning long. >> thanks a lot. >>> as for weather, things are pretty bad out there as well. yesterday it was really painful out there. with humidity. >> if you thought yesterday he it was painful more of the same temperatures will be hotter. no rainfall that i will be talking about. maybe an isolated shower. as he we look at maryland's most powerful radar, we are nice and dry. all five sweeps are on and we do need rainfall. temperatures coming in basically in the 70s all across the board here. look at t
Jul 13, 2012 9:00am EDT
and furious? wh areoulaimg exetive ivile fothe deptmen of juste? yoguysant talkbout evy iss andistrt expt for tt romy - le tl yhyhis portt. let me tell you why this i important. mitt romney has said i should be president because of my private sector experience. but he doesn't wan to tk out hisrivaector expeenceith specto wha do his tax retn s aut hiprive secr exrien? at ds thehellorpotion in berda say about his private sector experience? >> the reason you know this is because he's disclosed it all. >>e kno thiecau h reasedne tetur wch s attney id was a the ginng othe teetart is ing. >> you guys like to talk about it when it comes to you. >> sean, you do get the last word here because i was infmed forehat thedn lthe ftba foreven yean a ro by aingln. soartf th bet -- do you have some dnc rb? at isthis it' a mitromn hat put ion erice ha it bradwoodhouse with a romney hat on. remember, ladies and gentlemen, when you make a bet, get used to atface. bra wooduse,ean spic, ank u somuch i' se thi cversion ll contue i thereen ro. >> comg, roarippg with meg mccain. plus, why the olympic uniforms ve
Jul 27, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. dawnfuzzy but ourinformation iss notebook is for real. the court records confirm that. it was sent from holmes to somebody in building 500. it's our understanding that is lynn fenton the psychiatrist he was seeing. my information from two different sources is that this document had information in it that could have provided a hint of the attack to come. as you probably no other media have reported that this notebook contained scary drawings of stick figures who were carrying guns and mowing down other stick figures with weapons. which is haunting based on the attack that took place in the aurora movie theater in which allegedly james hom holmes mowed down 70 people in a sold out batman showing. >> has there been anyone that looked at it? >> excellent question, march get. no. to our knowledge it doesn't appear that anyone opened this package. the university says it was delivered to their mail room on monday. literally it was seized within hours of being delivered. other reports say it was delivered a week prior and sat there unopened. that is in dig in dispute. our information is that it
Jul 4, 2012 10:00pm EDT
....nd cityys police ..n- helicopper fox rrt... iss keepingg rack of the crowds. for some, it's giving thee mind...following last year's &pstabbing:"they're lways here to protect you 24/7" is where police ann emergency vehicles are staged, and this parked here all night"tonight, - the badgg is a reminder to any tragic event that could happen heee"bbt it will only ttke one look into the sky, today is all aboot. thattbrings s to our question of the are you &pcelebrating the 4th of juuy? lot of yoo had cookouts... ...and went to fireworks displays......and a few offyou are celebrating birthhaas and &panniversaries...tell us what dot om slash fox-baltimoree.. toojoin the discussionn the biggthing ccsttng aashadow ovve these the tens of thousands of people in the baltimore area... still without power.. power..about 60 thoosand people do not have electricity are in baltimore county...hem -3 ...about 20 thousand custommes are out of power in baltimore city the lack of power... combined with today's heat......seemed to make aaternoon ccokouts even otter.fox45's paul ge
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